What is it ?

When we focus only on matter, we miss a large part of reality.

To take care of our Selves, we need to be aware about the different aspects of the Self : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. By understanding our complexity as a whole, this holistic approach allows us to deepen our consciousness about our nature.

Energy healing allows us to work simultaneously on these 4 aspects. It involves working with our energies to bring it back into balance so that our Self can begin to heal independently.

Why take care of our Selves?

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

It is so important to understand that life is a game of mirrors, and everything in the Universe is vibration. To manifest the life we want, we need to align our vibration – the beliefs, patterns, habits, emotions and thoughts that we hold inside of us – to our desires. By according and uplifting our vibration like so, we can shift and uplift the vibration of the world. To nurture, love and heal ourselves is actually the most revolutionary thing we can do!


Consultation in Self-Care and Energy Healing can be done in presential or at distance.

I use energy healing (Reiki Usui & different forms of Sound healing), my intuitive perceptions and my emotional understanding at your service to allow the resources you already have within you to unfold with calm and ease.

Each person is unique and heard with kindness. Feel free to contact me for more information.