What is it ?

When we focus only on matter, we miss a large part of reality.

To take care of our Selves, we need to be conscious about what the Self is : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. By understanding a person as a whole, this holistic approach allows us to deepen our awareness about our nature.

Energy healing allows us to work simultaneously on these 4 aspects. It involves working with our energies to bring it back into balance so that our Self can begin to heal independently.

Why is self-care important?

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

There are so many ways and techniques to take care of our Selves. Although it’s a popular topic, self-care is over-looked and often poorly understood.
And yet it’s so important to understand that to manifest the life that we want, the energy of all of our Selves should be aligned with our desires.

To heal blockages, regulate challenging emotions, have fulfilling lives and meaningfull relationships, we need to take care of our Selves. This means for example to :
🌟 promote a nutritious, healthy diet
🌟 exercise
🌟 integrate self-compassion & honesty
🌟 set boundaries
🌟 forgive
🌟 practice mindfullness
🌟 find humour in the process!

This allows us to experience better productivity, an improved resistance to disease, a better physical health, enhanced self-esteem, increased self-knowledge… and also gives us the resources we need to be compassionate to others as well.

Self-care helps us to live in harmony with the world and to create the reality we want to experience.


Consultation in Self-Care and Energy Healing can be done in presential or at distance.

I use Reiki Usui, Sound Healing (tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, the vibration of my own voice), Mantra Meditations, Guided Meditations, EFT, and others tools from Grabovoi’s Numerical Sequences to advices to orientate you towards non-intrusive medicines.

Through my intuitive perceptions and my emotional understanding, I put my listening at your service to better understand what you need and the tools that could help you.
It may involve dealing with stress, emotional trauma, knowing where you are in your life, understanding your functioning mechanisms, learning what methods you can use to make yourself heard, or how to love yourself better so you can love others…

Each person is unique and heard with kindness. Feel free to contact me for more information.