Have you ever looked at an animal and wished you knew what they were thinking and feeling?

Program description

The purpose of this training is to show you how to awaken your natural ability to communicate with any animal. By opening your senses, developing your intuitive gifts and following the methods, techniques and exercises taught, you will rediscover your extrasensory capacities and experience incredible connections with animals. This will bring you to see the natural world from a completely different and loving angle, but also to honor yourself and create a more meaningful and nourishing relationship with yourself. Many practices will be carried out during/after the training with validation.

Animal communication is the intuitive exchange of energy and non-verbal information between two different species. We are all born with the ability to communicate this way and through this online program, you will learn to expand your awareness, listen with your heart and develop confidence in order to communicate effectively with animals!

Register and get access to :

17 videos offering an in-depth look at how to communicate with animals

4 audio meditations to explore your unique way of receiving telepathic information + guide you in your first communications

2 lives sessions to support you in your practice

4 PDFs to deepen your scientific understanding, share the main references in animal communication + the ethical code, and discover other similar subjects

Written summaries of the communication protocol and essential questions to carry out your communications

Information to understand the mission of an animal, resolve “inapropriate” behaviors and support a sick or dying animal

Step by step instructions to prepare your heart, mind, body and soul for effective and positive animal communication

Registration to a private Facebook group to keep on mentoring you after the training and encourage you in your practice

How does the training take place?

You will first be able to access theoretical content and guided practical exercises in order to integrate it at your own pace. We will then meet over the weekend for two live sessions during which you will make your first communications. At the end of the week, you will have all the keys in hand to continue communicating!

You will practice on photo with unknown animals with validation of the answers by the participants. This will allow you to gain more confidence in your telepathic ability, before practicing with your own animals.

Important details

Dates : TBA
Plateformes : Thinkific
Cost : 180€ (limited places)
It’s important for me that my services are accessible to all. Prices may vary depending on the currency of your country. Also, if you’re having financial difficulties, please let me know.

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