Animal Communication

What is it ?

Animal communication (also called telepathy, intuitive communication or interspecies communication) is a natural and universal language that we share with all living beings.

Animals have thoughts and emotions that produce frequencies. When we silent our mind, we can accord the vibrations of our brain to alpha waves (deep relaxation stage) to perceive these frequencies. This mind-to-mind communication allows the transmission of information (images, sounds, feelings, sensations…) between two consciences. These are frequencies connected to each other.

Telepathy is used by all the species of the world. It is the universal language of the soul. The animals function in this mode in their ordinary waking state.

Why communicate ?

During a communication, we are able to transmit and receive messages from any animal. This enables us to hear clearly their opinion, what they think, feel, need and desire. We can also ask them any question. Like so, we are able to deepen and improve our relationship with them.

Animal communication can help us understand the deep cause of a specific or ‘inadequate’ behaviour, or to detect physical pain (thus helping the veterinarian in his diagnoses)

Animals are wise.
They are here to help us & they choose us, to guide us on our human path.

Animals know everything about us : they feel our emotions and know what is happening in our heads – they often know better than us what’s best for us!
They truly can read us like open books and during a communication, you can clearly hear their guidance and advice to you.


Consultations can be done in presential or at distance (on picture).
You can contact me to learn more about the modalities and request a communication.